When I first started blogging, I was so confused. I didn’t know what my mission was overall. I just knew I needed to have a blog for my business.

I started to join tribes, and everyone had some many ideas. Too many ideas.

I found myself feeling unsure of what I truly wanted to share, and got caught up in the flow of just doing things on the fly. I would write a blog article or do a video and just throw it up on my blog. I was just hoping that I would drive traffic to my blog.

Back then, because my blog vision and mission statement wasn’t clear, it was so easy to get pulled into trying every “shiny new thing”.

Today, I want to help you. I am going to share one thing that your business blog must have for consistency, purpose, and success.

Your blog must have a mission and vision statement.

Does your business have a mission statement? Do you have a vision statement as well? Why don’t you have one for your blog?

Quite honestly, I you think about it… successful businesses have mission and vision statements, your blogs should have them as well.

When a business is serious about growth, present, and future improvements… they need a mission statement and vision for clarity and accountability.

These declarations of purpose and goals are ways for employees and partners of the business to understand where the business is going and what is expected of them to achieve the goals.

The same is true for any project including a business blog. So why not create statements to give purpose, expectations, and direction?

My vision statement is a brief description of what my blog is all about. It helps me stay focused and not compromise for every passing whim and tempting online offer.  I use it to evaluate what I write about, the amount of time I take to write it, and the ambitions I have for my public platform. It’s the permission I need to say, “yes” to beneficial opportunities and “no” to everything else.

Let’s Define A Blog Vision Statement

Your Vision Statement:

  1. Defines the optimal desired future state – the mental picture – of what an organization wants to achieve over time;
  1. Provides guidance and inspiration as to what an organization is focused on achieving in five, ten, or more years;
  2. Functions as the “north star” – it is what all employees understand their work every day ultimately contributes towards accomplishing over the long term; and,
  3. Is written succinctly in an inspirational manner that makes it easy for all employees to repeat it at any given time.

Creating your blog vision statement will encourage you and your teams to focus on what’s important and better understand overall change and alignment of resources. 

If you do not want to fall prey to jumping on every next new biggest deal… or “shiny new thing”, put your blog mission statement in place… make sure that your vision has clarity.

So, if you haven’t yet, block out some time to create your business blog vision and mission statement and make sure it is in alignment with your overall business goals. 

If you have already done this, please share what changes you have began to see as a result. And if you haven’t please share why you haven’t and if you will begin to implement this change starting today.

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