Are you doing social media alone? If you are, it’s tough, time consuming, and you have very little leverage.  I know because I used to operate my business without a social media syndication tribe.Yikes!

I would get Facebook likes, a few shares…and a retweet or two on Twitter. More importantly, I was operating my business without using my own self-hosted blog as a central hub to share all my content, or to connect with all of my followers, fans, students, business partners, and friends.  Big NO, No!

Total home based business and internet marketing  disaster!  Quite frankly, operating your enterprise like this is a very limited strategy and opportunity for creating multiple streams of income, building a list, and loyal following.  To build it right, you must build You, Inc… and you must have a strong, committed tribe of syndication(sharing) partners in your corner.

It’s time you knew the real secret to success that Individuals like Jonathan Budd, Mike Dillard, Yaro Starak, and Katie Freiling use to share their content, get the edge, go viral quickly, build massive lists, build multiple profit streams, and position themselves to look like a Social Media Super Star.

To really be successful, you must have a social media syndication tribe! What the heck is that?  Watch the video below, to learn all about it.

In today’s post, I share part 1 of a two part video series. So if you are ready to learn the secret, and get a pen and paper… and press play below.


So, what are your thoughts on the Unified Tribe? Do you currenly have a Social Media Syndication Tribe? If so, what has it done for you?

 If not, I highly recommend that you get one. I can’t imagine operating an online business now, with out one. You know I have ever heard it said that in business your most valuable asset is YOUR SKILLSET.

 Honestly, where would you rate yourself as far as your skill set in personal branding, social marketing, internet marketing, blogging, generating and automating multiple streams of income? I proudly own these skill sets, mostly as a direct result of my mentoring, training, masterminding, and collaborating… as a member of the Unified Tribe. 

 Learning the power of personal branding and how to gain leverage through the internet is the game changer. Industry wide…everyone is attempting to tackle this challenging part of the home business success jungle. Being connected to the best of the best in this industry will set you light years ahead of the pack of entrepreneurs that are still just trying to “figure it out”. So right now, head on over and get a taste of the incredible value that I, and many other success internet marketers and home based business owners receive consistently.. 24/7 by being an elite member of the Best Social Media Syndication Tribe…

Your first bonus will be : Katie Freiling’s massive value for FREE in the form of both her 44 pg. Social Media Wealth Manifesto and her daily videos that have been absolutely off the charts.


Anyone that joins directly from my direct personal link will receive:

  1. First 5 people(1-4): Access to my Social Marketing Personal Mentoring for Facebook and Twitter via skype or phone (30 mins), and access to my personal cell phone and email address for ongoing training and support so long as you remain a member of the Unified Tribe ($250 value)
  2. The Next 10 people will receive: My Facebook Domination Video Series (over 1 hour of video training)($90 value)
  3. Blog Starter Package (to include a Paid Theme, and quick 20 min coaching on getting started with your blog) ($150 value)
  4. A Committed Tribe Syndication Partner with an incredible skill set and network

Stay Tuned in for part 2 of this video series… where you will get to see exactly how the Unified Tribe Works, and inside look at my personal results.

To Your Unstoppable Success,


PS. What are your thoughts about the Unified Tribe? Have any last minute questions you want answered? Feel free to leave your questions below in the comments section of this blog post and share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, if you are as excited about owning your life as I am! 


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