If you have a wordpress blog or business website, pay close attention… this blog post will go over a quick tutorial on how to update your wordpress blog to the newest released version, WordPress 3.3.1 , and also help you avoid potential catastrophe during the process. This version wordpress fixes 15 Issues that existed withn the previous version that was released not too long ago v3.3.

This particular update also fixes some security vulnerabilities can could allow an attacker to compromise your site. When you talk about WordPress security keeping WordPress and it’s plugins up-to-date is one of the most critical steps that you can take.

If you are on my exclusive list... you received the email detailing the catastrophe that I experienced with the previous update, and you will understand why I am going to walk you  through the housekeeping steps that you must take first to avoid a potential disaster on your blog.

 Before you update we need to do a little housekeeping:

  • First save a copy of all your WordPress files, pages and posts to your hard drive. You do this by clicking on the Tools icon in the left sidebar and then Export. On the next screen click on Download Export File. You might want to create a new Folder on your hard drive where you keep all you Web site files. Name it WP Backup so you know to save all backup files for WP there (and you’ll know where to find them if you need them). It is a good idea to back up this file once a month anyway regardless if an update is needed.
  • Second, backup your WordPress database. There is a nifty plugin that makes this process a no brainer, WP-DBManager. This plugin is also a must have for repairing and optimizing your database (which you should be doing minimally monthly to keep things running smoothly).
  • To be safe, deactivate all plugins before upgrading.

Once you get the above tasks accomplished, follow my steps (and screen shots) listed below to update to the newest version: WordPress 3.3.1.

Then, don’t forget to reactivate and update your plugins. You’ll see with each WordPress update that plugin developers also update their plugins which you can also do with one click. You’ll see the now familiar yellow nag bar under the plugin name in the plugins area with a link to “upgrade automatically.”

Now, follow me as I walk you through the steps below to help you safely and easily update to the most recent version of WordPress 3.3.1…..

Since I know there are many people reading my blog who have not used WordPress before or are using it for their first time I thought I’d show you a quick walk through of how to update WordPress. First login to your WordPress account and look at the top-left where you should see a circle with a number in it next to Updates.

Next simply click on the word “Updates” to go to the “WordPress Updates” section. From here you will click on the bright blue button that says “Update Now”:

Once the update has been completed you should see the screen below:

 That’s it, a few simple steps and in under two minutes you’ll have WordPress 3.3.1 up and running on your blog.

If you find after any update now or in the future…that something is not working as it was, go through the systematic process of deactivating your plugins one at a time until you find the culprit. If the developer has not updated his/her plugin to work with the lasted update, find another plugin whose developer is on top of these things.

Updating should not be ignored or put off. When you keep up with WordPress, have a Premium Theme and Plugin updates, you are not only keeping up with technology, but you ensure your site is secure and functioning error free.

So please don’t delay, update your blog(s) as soon as you can, please share this tutorial with your friends on facebook and twitter by clicking the links below….and happy blogging!I look forward to connecting and sharing with you again very soon!

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