The ONE Thing You Must Have In Place When Mental Gremlins Visit You in Life or Business

A few years ago, I experienced a catastrophic business failure. ...I allowed myself to park in the misery. I personally I allowed the mental gremlins to keep me stuck for 2 years – stuck is a hell we allow ourselves to be in. It’s draining, it’s a mental roller coaster… it keeps you in a place of finding excuses instead of solutions... Read more at :
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My “Ideal Customer Profile Cheat Sheet™” Discover Your Ideal Client For Your Service or Product Now

You must know EXACTLY WHO your services and products are best for - and then you will be more equipped on how to find them. I am absolutely certain you have heard, perhaps too many times, about the need to niche and to focus. This conversation is a hot topic in every coaching program we have offered. So, I won’t rehash all those benefits with you today. But I’m here to tell you that even when we niche, we sometimes go about it the wrong way. Specifically, we mess up the very first step, which is to define our audience or target market. Today, I want to share my company's "Ideal Customer Profile Cheat Sheet™".
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How to Enforce your Business Boundaries (easily and confidently)


Two weeks ago, I received an email from a client. The course of action that followed really had me thinking about where we as nurturing expert service providers and business owners draw the boundaries. I realized I actually hadn’t set effective business boundaries or I wouldn’t have received this email in the first place. It […]

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How To Use And Find Your Own Voice: So That You Sound Like You & Not Another “me too”

The truth is most entrepreneurs feel stuck  or like it’s a struggle to get their message to shine online and offline and have it sound like it originated from them.  I see this time and time again, and some of my clients when they first put me on retainer had the challenge of finding their […]

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How To Share Your Burning Message(profit) and Shine Online Without All The Bells And Whistles


Are you listening to the noise, or are you seeking Divine Guidance, inner wisdom, and moving forward BOLDLY in your imperfection—UNAPOLOGETICALLY?

Here’s what I know to be true: You most likely have all that you need RIGHT NOW, to be wildly impactful and successful in your life and business. When you understand the Sye-chology of how […]

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I Can Barely Keep Up With My Life Right Now

Have you ever thought about why you aren’t further ahead in your  life and in your business? Can you relate with any of the following?

I don’t know why I keep telling myself “it’s going to happen.”

I’m too busy to do what needs to be done.

I can’t afford the support team I need to accomplish my […]

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How To Let Go Of The Forever Maybes


What is a Forever Maybe? If you are in business, there is zero chance that you have not experienced the Forever Maybe. Most likely, you just didn’t know how to recognize the signs, or the best way to proceed.

Famous words from the Forever Maybes…

I just want to run it by so and so, one more […]

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Warning! To The Do IT Yourself Entrepreneur (why I outsource and so should you)

Let’s face it, we are not only business owners, we have families, hobbies, passions, and life to attend to, right?!

We can’t be there for the things that matter, when they matter most, if our head is buried down into our work, because we want to do it ALL ourselves.

Time is our most precious commodity. Even […]

Why Connecting Goes Beyond Mere Words (4 levels of connecting)

Yesterday, we discussed why connecting always focuses on others. If you missed it, you can read it here. Today, we are going to jump right in to Connection Marketing Principal 3: Connecting goes beyond mere words.

Whenever you try and connect with someone, you may at first assume what you say is the deciding factor in […]

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The Top 3 Web Design Disasters That Turn Visitors Away

I came across a wonderful website today, I mean it was just fantastic.  It was fantastic for all of 3 minutes before this annoying pop up entered the page.  The page got dark, the pop up was persistent, and I couldn’t get past it. One pop up led to more options to another pop up. […]

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