How I Turned Life Lessons and Wounds Into Prosperous and Inspiring Gifts

As I look back on the pain, the wounds of my past and all the times I wondered “why?”, I now can look in the now and say, “Wow, Thank you God.” I am so glad I had those wall kicking moments, I couldn’t have seen it then, but I can now.

Behind all of those […]

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Prepare To Receive By Lisa Kitter

Carry the expectation of happiness and abundance with you every single day of your life. We receive what we have prepared for so create a setting of prosperity in your life and you shall never go without.

Think abundance.Speak abundance.Act abundance.

Be abundant and prosperous at all times.

Imagine yourself to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Visualize the […]

Do You Feel “Stuck”? By Noah St. John

Do you feel stuck in Time, Relationships, Energy, Money… or all four?

Here are a few steps I teach my clients to get unstuck fast:

1. To get Time Unstuck: Realize that when you say, “I don’t have time”, you’re suffering from a false assumption.
We’ve all used the excuse: “I’d love to, but I don’t have the […]

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7 Steps You Can Follow To Build Money Making Business Connections

Are you a networker? Do you like going to events, collecting cards…and passing out yours to as many folks as you can?

How is this method working for you? Chances are, it’s not!

Hey, I know because I used to be this person. When I first entered the entrepreneur world, I did what I was told would […]

Confident Marketers Know How To Say: NO :- marketing.

Dear Confident Marketer,

Have you ever said “Yes” to something because it’s easier than rocking the boat by saying “No”?

Because you wanted to keep someone happy?

Because you thought it was expected of you?

I know I have. I bet you have, too.

If you went along with everything everyone ever wanted from you, you’d be…as exhausted as […]