Carry the expectation of happiness and abundance with you every single day of your life. We receive what we have prepared for so create a setting of prosperity in your life and you shall never go without.

  • Think abundance.
  • Speak abundance.
  • Act abundance.

Be abundant and prosperous at all times.

Imagine yourself to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Visualize the experience of prosperity for others and yourself.

Bless your friend or neighbor when they receive a windfall or achieve a level of success you desire for yourself. Wish them more abundance and many blessings because the result of this positive thought process will be twofold; they receive more and so do you!

When we condemn our neighbor and express envy or resentment for their good, we actually hurt ourselves. Thoughts, words and deeds act as a boomerang and circle back to the person throwing it, in this case, you!

It may not be immediate but the boomerang always comes home to rest and so does your positive thoughts of abundance, happiness, peace and goodwill. Many times, we expect our treasures or abundance to be immediate and sometimes they are however other times, we may have to wait and continue to increase our thoughts of good things before we actually experience them.

Trust me; it’s worth the wait to be positive, be kind to your neighbor and to speak of good for yourself and for all. When your prosperity in business and in life arrives, you will be thankful for its arrival and will actually forget how long it took to get there because the joy in its arrival is so blissful and sweet. It’s kind of like waiting for the arrival of a newborn baby…once the baby is here and your holding that precious bundle in your arms, the wait and even the pain of birthing that baby suddenly doesn’t seem so important.

Jump up and down, clap your hands and dance, express your pleasure and gratitude in the prosperity you know is on its way to you! Take the action steps required to learn, to experience and to grow.

Growth requires effort, trust and discipline and so does receiving your abundance so “get growing” today.

There are no short cuts to success and the sooner you accept that fact, the better you will feel and the easier the journey becomes. Don’t look for the hidden path or shortcut because it isn’t there.

Everything you desire is already out there waiting for you to claim it, appreciate it, and to accept it and your belief will act as a magnet, drawing your desires to you. Couple those powerful beliefs with a solid action plan and your success is practically guaranteed.

Believe in your good and prepare to receive all that is yours by divine right…today!

Your friend in Abundance,
Lisa Kitter

Meet Our Expert:

Lisa Kitter is a woman, “on purpose” and living her life full out! At a very young age, Lisa decided to become more, do more, be more and to live more and she committed to inspiring others to do the same!

Lisa’s passion is inspiring, empowering and teaching others, especially women, how to achieve more happiness, prosperity, peace of mind and personal success…beginning today! As an empowerment speaker, Lisa speaks candidly about her humble beginnings, being raised in Alaska, without running water or electricity. She gives us an interesting perspective of what it was like to become a single Mom at age eighteen and the many challenges she overcame, using her son as her life-long inspiration. Learn More About Lisa

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