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Are you marketing your products and services online? Or are you a blogger that promotes affiliate products for additional streams of revenue?

My hope is you fall in one of these two categories. If not, and you are a business owner… we need to chat.

One of the hottest social media stories of late 2011 and early 2012 is Pinterest, the brand new social image and link sharing website that allows you to create pinboards based on common themes or topics. The idea is simple.

Create a board, pin images or links to the board and share your favorite stuff with fellow users. People are going crazy for the simple, intuitive design and tons of amazing and themed pinboards going up every day.

For those of you who make a living on the Internet as affiliate marketers, this simple, very easy to use site represents a boat load of opportunities for traffic generation, improved conversions and greater return on investment from social marketing. Here are just a few ways how.

Before we get started… If you are new to Pinterest, or haven’t quite figured out how to market and connect on Pinterest… and rid yourself of what appears to be ‘ADULT A.D.D.’ WITH PICTURES, I recommend you learn more about our 2012 Pinterest Video Training and Marketing Guide for business by clicking this link here: .

Now let’s rock and roll….


The Traffic Connection

One of the biggest obstacles to affiliate marketing is getting enough traffic to your website to actually start converting those reviews and ads you’ve created. You can’t get people on your email list or pass them to the landing page of a product you’ve reviewed if you have no traffic. A 4% conversion rate sounds fantastic until you consider how little that is with only 200 hits a month.

Pinterest makes it easy to get targeted, niche-specific traffic to your site and it doesn’t cost you a thing. Be careful to avoid some of the common traps first time Pinterest marketers fall into though. Don’t just start pinning boards full of the products you promote – no one will want to click through on those.

Instead, think in the same frame of mind as you do when creating your landing pages. Offer real value to the people who view your boards. If you are promoting health and beauty products, pin pictures of beautiful women who have used said products.

If you are promoting hosting companies, post infographics of different online statistics. If you are promoting dog training products or video courses, post pictures of dogs doing amazing tricks or just some really cute puppies. Traffic comes to those who offer real value.

Building a Brand

One thing a lot of affiliate marketers fail to do is build a brand that allows them to sell to the same customers more than once. A recognized, trusted brand gives you the foothold you need to scale your efforts, replicate your successes and reach out to more people with less effort.

Pinterest offers a number of tools to make doing this even easier. Instead of spending hundreds of hours on Facebook replying to inane comments, surf Pinterest looking for fun things to comment on and pin to you own boards. Pin as much as you can, interact with people on the site and generate a relationship that will make it easier to get the pins you need to your content when you post something new.

Brand building isn’t about polish as much as it is interaction. Put yourself out there and create something people remember and you’ll have a much easier time generating traffic in the future, especially with the incredible tools available on Pinterest.

I look forward to sharing with you again very soon!

With Love,


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