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How to be more productive


How can you get an extra hour from each day? This is a basic challenge for all of us.


So, I’ve come up with many practical ways to secure one more precious hour from each day. (Remember that each of these tips are probably adaptable to your particular situation.)

As, you read through the list below, I challenge you to ask this question:


Which of these tips would make the most impact if you began implementing it in your life Right Now?


So, Here they are. I hope you’ll find them helpful and useful to you…

1. Make up and follow a detailed, daily schedule.
2. Get up earlier.
3. Do less passive reading, TV watching and the like.
4. Avoid allowing others to waste your time.
5. If you commute to work, use the time to study or plan.
6. Organize your work; do it systematically.
7. Make creative use of lunchtime.
8. Delegate authority if possible.
9. Spend less time on unimportant phone calls.
10. Think first; then do the job.
11. Do instead of dream.
12. Work hardest when you’re mentally most alert.
13. Eliminate activities which make little contribution to the best results for your life.
14. Always do the toughest jobs first.
15. Before each major act, ask: Is this REALLY necessary?
16. Choose interesting and constructive literature for spare-moment reading.
17. Learn how to sleep. Sleep soundly, then work refreshed.
18. Skip desserts.
19. Stop smoking.
20. Write notes or letters while waiting for others.
21. Always carry an envelope with paper in it, stamps and a few postcards.
22. Combine tasks which are done in the same area.
23. Be prompt for all appointments.
24. Lay out your clothes the night before.
25. Relax. Ready yourself for the important jobs in life.
26. Concentrate on the specific task you’re doing.
27. Make constructive use of those five- or ten-minute waiting periods. Carry with you magazine article clippings on helpful subjects.
28. Always carry a pencil and paper to capture important-to-you ideas.
29. Learn to do other “unnecessary things” while watching TV or listening to the radio.
30. Call on specialists to accomplish work you cannot do efficiently.
31. Learn to read more rapidly.
32. Nap an hour after dinner. Then take a shower. Begin the evening hours relaxed and refreshed.
33. Avoid making a “production” out of small tasks.
34. Avoid interruptions.
35. Tackle only one job at a time.
36. Search out job short-cuts.
37. Know your limitations.
38. Work to your top capacity.


So, let’s go for it! Decide today to implement 3 things from this list of 38!  Come on, only 3 things… this is more than doable.  Then keep track. Get a journal or notepad, and write down the things you will implement daily.

Then every day, for a minimum of 30 days, just put a check box next to each one. Be accountable to yourself. You and your daily consistency are are the most important keys to your success!

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I look forward to sharing again with you very soon. I believe in you. 😉


To owning your life,




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