One on one telephone consultations are designed to answer all of your most burning business questions.

During the call we’ll focus on the following key areas of your Blogging & Marketing strategy…

  • Help with blogging including engaging topics, monetizing, expanding your reach
  • Your sales-lead generation strategy – how to implement systems that automatically build a big list (database) of potential customers and clients who are genuinely interested in what you sell.
  • A website evaluation {the visual appearance and ease of use of your website}
  • Your permission-based content marketing strategy – how to build strong relationships with hundreds or thousands of potential customers and clients.
  • Your systems, workflows and outsourcing strategy – so your marketing all happens effortlessly, consistently and relentlessly – without you having to be present.
  • Social media marketing strategies. This includes Facebook, Twitter & Blogging
  • Your passive income opportunities – how to use the Internet to add extra streams of revenues (essential if at the moment you are only “swapping time for money” – you need to break free from that a.s.a.p.!)

 Prior to your scheduled private telephone consultation you’ll receive a Questionnaire – the answers to which are critical in helping me identify and explain how you can boost your profits by using the Internet and connection marketing.

 Once we have completed our telephone consultation, I’ll send an email recapping everything. Something you can refer back to time and again.

My calendar fills up fast— but I wanted to make this feasible for smaller businesses too, so your private live 30-minute intensive telephone consultation and web marketing strategy session is just $129.

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***Private consultations are not for everyone, but if you are serious about becoming a professional business blogger and growing your business —then I look forward to spending what I promise will be one of the most beneficial telephone calls you’ve ever had.


*****FREE Additional Support: If you’re anything like me, after I have had time to digest a conversation I find myself coming up with a bunch of additional thoughts and questions. That’s why as an added bonus I’m also going to give you 30 days of my Sye Of Relief Unlimited Website e-coaching service for FREE. This will allow you to continue to receive professional coaching and support long after our phone session has ended. ($25 Value)

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