subscribeWhat is one action every serious blogger wants his or her readers to take? subscribe!


How do I get more of my readers to join or subscribe my newsletter? What should I do to get more opt-ins?


These are the most common concerns/questions amongst serious bloggers.

After all, don’t you want to continue to stay in contact with your loyal readers, quick browsers, and clients? Don’t you want them to keep informed when you offer new promotions, free gifts, or special offers for them only?

You want them to subscribe!

After reading a pretty informative blog by a incredibly successful blogger Brian Clark, I felt compelled to share what I read with you.  I know it will help you get more subscribers, and these strategies will help right now.


Here’s what asked every blogger must ask:  Are you being completely clear with your word choice? When you ask your readers to subscribe, are you asking them to do the virtual version of writing their name underneath? Or are you asking them to agree to pay you a sum of money?

You want your readers to opt-in for a free service because every time one of them does, your blog becomes a little bit more valuable (and you get a small ego boost).


You need to make it absolutely obvious to these people that it costs nothing more than a few seconds of time to get valuable content delivered directly to them via RSS or e-mail.

Did you know that word “Subscribe”, is scaring people away?

It makes them feel like they have to buy? Wow, really. Hmm. (Note to self.. nix “subscribe” now!)




What I found quite interesting was that readers who know what RSS is probably aren’t confused by the terminology, but most web users have no clue about RSS.. Whoa. Time to make a change!

Here’s what you need to do next!

Brian Clark’s subscription rate has increased 254% since he made a criticial change, and 66% of the new subscribers are e-mail subscribers.

Here’s why…

People who misunderstand the word “subscribe” are the same people who will choose e-mail over RSS. Although they may not be web savvy, these readers are extremely valuable. It is essential in all copywriting that you avoid unclear jargon, even if it’s not jargon to you.

I Agree….Words Make All the Difference!


So what did copyblogger do? He changed one word… “Subscribe”.


Simple. Now instead of subscribe to my RSS feeds or subscribe to my Emails.. Simple say:

“Get Email Updates”.  OR “Get Newsletter”.




So what are your thoughts? Please be sure to comment below and share your thoughts with the community. Have you been using the word “subscribe”, will you change this strategy? Have you already implemented this strategy?

If so, what has it done for you? I look forward to reading your thoughts below. And please be sure to share this information with your blogging friends on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media sites by clicking the share buttons below.


I look forward to sharing with you again very soon 😉


To Your Continued Blogging Success,

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