Last week we discussed identifying blog platforms and resources, and today we will jump into part 5 of this 6 part series on business blogging, Getting Started With Compiling Search-Engine-Optimized Content (SEO content for your blog).

Very quickly let’s define search engine optimation. Search engine optimization is simply utilizing various techniques and strategies to get your website found when someone searches ‘key term” in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

While the subject of SEO and how to use and apply various strategies can never be completely covered in one page article, today we will share some quick need to know information to help you get started with SEO within your blogging platform. 

The first thing you need to know is that SEO is a foundation that you must have when you are blogging for business purposes because it will drive traffic to your site.

When most businesses start incorporating blogging, they download and install free blog platforms- ‘as-is’. 

This is a Big business no, no… if you stop here!!! You still have some preliminary work to do.

The problem is that most blog platforms, including wordpress, aren’t fully optimized without the use of plug-ins, like SEO pressor to publish sitemaps and effective meta descriptions. To read more about the SEO Pressor plug-in, and how businesses are using it click here.

One of the first places to start is with your blog theme in wordpress. The Thesis Theme for WordPress has many built in SEO capabilities. I use it, and most of our clients do. Most successful bloggers, use thesis. Thesis is not free, it is a premium theme. 
I  recommend thesis because I use it and it WORKS.. and works well for SEO! So much so, that we provide thesis to all our clients that purchase our professional design packages . You can review the Thesis theme and decide if it is right for your business here.


Obviously, Thesis is not the only theme available to you, but as far as SEO- I haven’t seen anything better. Period.

Other places to focus in on when you are optimizing your blog are your overall page structure, your page titles, and heading of pages. Our wordpress training videos cover this in great detail. You can find them here.

Your theme construction and or platform determines some of your search engine optimization, but your content will determine the rest.

Keyword research is essential before writing your first or next blog post. Why? Keywords are the terms used by searchers to find relevant content. Google has a free tool for keyword research, start there. 

Whew, this has been fun, sharing with you. I know that was quick, but wen you decide to implement just two of the above tips, you will begin to see better results and realize more traffic. That’s what you are striving for! And must have.

Hang in there, Part 6 will here next week: Monitoring, Measuring, and Analyzing For Success.

And… Always, Plan, Do & Review!

Your turn! We love to hear from you so please feel free to share your feedback below.
What did you learn? Do you currently use any of the above strategies or tools? Do you love thesis? What plugins do you love for SEO?


What will you implement? Will you outsource any of this to members on your team, or are you considering one of the sites above for hiring blog team members?

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