Hey fellow blogger! Is your domain name sexy? eye catching? simple to read? easy to remember?
Choosing a the right name for your website has ranked very high in the list of questions that I have received from new business bloggers.  In this article, I will share with you exactly what you need to do to make sure that your domain name is EYE CATCHING.

Why? Branding! Branding in all aspects, including in your domain name is key in building a successful business online. Your brand “name” should be recognizable and consistent across all channels. This includes your business website domain name, your facebook page “vanity name”, your twitter, and you tube channel.
In every successful online business or blog, you will realize they all have one thing in common, they have their own domain names. Domains names are basically a web address you use to represent how people can find your website online.
When choosing a domain name, the main thing to consider is whether it is easy to remember and how it accurately reflects your brand. There are a few types of domain names you can buy to use.


The 3 Different Types of Domain Names

1. Branding Domain Names – Domain name used to brand yourself or business

I have a domain name here at www.SyeWells.com which is used to brand my own blog. A few other examples are www.LauraJLarosa.com, and www.CodeRedFitness.com.

2. SEO Domain Names – Domain names purchased to favor search engines

Let’s say if you know that the keyword “Social Marketing Blogging” has over 20,000 in demand and competition is only about 10,000 and you want to rank yourself as the No.1 on search engines, all you need to do is have the keyword in your domain name. So one possible suggestion would be www.TheSocialMarketingExpert.com.

3. Affiliate Domain Name – A Domain name used to sell someone else’s product

One of my internet marketing coaches taught me a very cool tip for affiliate marketing.  A verry targetted way to sell people products  which is to buy domain names that look like or closely mirror original site. So for example if you are an affiliate for “TheBestAffiliateProduct” (not a real product) at www.TheBestAffiliateProdcut.com you can also simply buy another domain name www.TheBestAffiliateProduct.net or www.AffiliateProduct.com which also still directs to the same page to sell the affiliate product that you are marketing.
Although there are 3 types of domains, you should purchase a domain name that reflects what you want to focus on first.

******As a beginner, it would be advisable to purchase the Branding Domain Name first.

Here are some pointers to take note in choosing a domain name

1. Keep domains short ( not more then 30 characters)
2. Ensure your domain name is easy to read and understand
3. If possible, try to have it related to your list of keywords you have done your research on
4. Keep it catchy, unique and easy to recall
5. Domain names should not contain more than 3 words at one time
6. Avoid using words like FREE or any foul words in your domain name

The best bet to ensure you have a quality domain name, is to test and ask questions. Try asking your close friends for comments and pronounce your domain name out to your friends on the phone.

While asking your friends for comments, also take note on how long it actually takes for them to register the domain in their minds, as this will also help determine if your domain is a good brandable domain name.

A few reputable places in which you can purchase domain names are:

1. 1and1.com – This site has consistently been the lowest priced, best value for about 20 + domains I have purchased thus far. I have purchased .com sites sometimes as low as 99 cents. Click here to go directly to the information on purchasing domains.

2. Hostgator – If you have your blog hosted by hostgator, it is a very seemless process to purchase and host your domain and blog in the same place. Creates a more headache free experience for the new blogger.  I host my blog with them. Click here for pricing details from Hostgator.

3. Godaddy.com -Most recognized and most advertised domain purchasing site. Not always the best priced. Currently they have specials for about $7.49/year for .com sites. Click here to see the current details and specials

So, are you making any changes to your current domain names? Considering purchasing a new one? What did you find most helpful in this article? Please feel free to share your thoughts with our community by making your comments directly below.

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