“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.”

Babe Ruth

Dear Business Blogger,

Do you wonder why you should have a blog when you already have a business website? I mean… seriously, your website is your money maker right?

Your corporate or business website is an essential part of your online marketing presence. So yes, If you have put the time, energy, and financial resources into developing it… by all means keep it!

Why? Your customers expect certain standard conventions and user experiences from business websites.Websites tend to be online marketing brochures, with standard pages for information about the company, products and services.

Here’s the thing, if your website is your marketing brochure, then your business blog is your public relations representative.

Let me say that again, it’s very important….print it, high light it, remember this…

Your Blog = Your Business’ Public Relations Representative

Your business blog is the face and voice of your business, well beyond the marketing mumbo jumbo or hoopla  that is written into your product information page.

Your blog…YOUR NEW PUBLIC RELATIONS REPRESENTATIVE, is there to talk about the company, answer questions, connect with your consumers, share new updates, and put some PERSONALITY into your brand.

So yes, your business blog can be, the face and voice of your company. Your business blog also will provide an incredible medium to introduce new members of your business community, and share individual talent from deep within your organization.

Imagine that…it’s like introducing your ‘business family’ to your customers. After all, the talent within your company is one of your biggest investments and ultimately, largest differentiators between you and your competition. Hence, you are adding the personal touch that most of your competition is lacking. 

This experience over the long haul, will lead to more of what you want:
Increased Connection, Profits, Increased Visibility,and Customer Loyalty.

The truth is, more and more customers are demanding and in most cases, rewarding the businesses that have a social media presence online.


Because blogging is the perfect platform for overall engagement. Your business blog is a safe place where your company can manage the conversations and leverage the medium to drive business.

Your business blog also allow your customers to engage in activity that that they are already doing on social media (if you have properly incorporated social media plugins). They get to “like” your content , just as they do on facebook and it automatically is shared on their profile and in the facebook home feed of all their friends (a very very cool and business savy-indirect traffic generator).

There literally are endless opportunities to get your blog content shared via social media. However, just knowing that they can retweet, tweet on Twitter, Email information to their friends in social media or on their personal email lists is priceless to every business blog owner I know.

And of course, your customers what you to know what they think, and you want to know just as bad… so allowing comments, responding to comments, and moderating comments is a great way to give your readers more of what they want.

With your business blog, your company will own the content, control the message, and can respond effectively.

Business blogs can also be used as search engine marketing platforms and as a inbound lead strategy (we will discuss exactly how to do this in our upcoming articles this month).


By the way, if you want to..you can have it all. Yes, you can “kill” two birds with one stone. You can combine and link your business blog and corporate websites on one platform SEEMLESSLY, even when they are two separate entities. Let us help you as we have helped our other business blog clients eliminate the stress of connecting both!

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To Headache Free Blogging and Social Media,


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