The web is lighting up with commentary on Pinterest – a lot of it to the effect of “what the heck is this thing?”

But don’t let “new-social-media-confusion” get the best of you.

Almost all social networks start like this – there is a learning curve and marketers in particular need time to get a handle on what the site has to offer.

Fortunately for you, Pinterest is one of the winners; with the right investment of time, this site will produce incredible results for your brand.


How Pinterest Branding Works

Ask yourself for a moment what a brand is and why it is so important. At its essence a brand – and the image it projects to potential customers – is much more than just another sales pitch. It is the face of your business, a way to personify what you sell and help people relate to it on a personal level.

Instead of a business that sells them soda, they see a 100 year old brand that invented the modern image of Santa Clause, has those cute commercials with polar bears and tastes damn good on a hot summer afternoon – Coca Cola. The brand is familiar. It’s comfortable. It’s reliable.


You want to have a brand people remember and associate with good things in your niche and that’s where Pinterest comes in. Pinterest allows you to create lists of items, pictures, websites or whatever you can dream up that are thematically linked.

People can then comment on or pin your items to their own boards and share them. The more interesting and exciting things you pin to your board, the more engaged your audience will be with your brand.

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Going Beyond Interest

Anyone can draw interest from Pinterest’s diverse audience. All it takes is a handful of cute and/or sexy images that scream for attention. The real key to brand building on a site like this is providing content that is “valuable”. Why did I put valuable in parentheses? Because value is relative on a social network.

Yes, you can offer a list of very real tips or tricks that help people in your niche. Or you could offer a board full of images from hotels around the globe you’ve stayed in. They are both interesting and engaging but carry different definitions of value. Anything that causes your audience to stop and take notice is interesting. But for it to be valuable it needs to offer them something they can take away and use later.

Whether that is a memory, an impression, or a tangible tip or strategy they can use in their own life depends entirely on how you use your pin boards – just make sure you think in those terms.


Getting to Know Your Audience

Every audience is different and sometimes even you will be a little surprised by what they find interesting or valuable, but you should learn and begin to cater your efforts on Pinterest and beyond to those interests.

It means more feedback, more traffic and a much greater interest in your brand because it offers value in many forms. I guarantee if you do this, your business will do better because of it.

I look forward to sharing with you again very soon!

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