Let’s cut to the chase… a blog that makes no money… SUCKS. Feels like a waste of time right?
Sometimes it’s just a matter of planting seeds and giving them time to sprout.
And sometimes … (most times)… bloggers just don’t know what to do. 
That’s why I am hosting our first ever Connection Marketing University Class at the end of May.
If you are not on the list to receive updates about it, I highly suggest that you take a moment right now and put your name on the list. I will only accept 12 students. This will be a game changer.. and a eye opener for many of you. 

Here is some of what you will learn:


  • How creating connections can increase business
  • Why you should always brand “You Inc”, not another company
  • Why your blog should be the center of your social marketing universe
  • How using your own face can impact the effectiveness of your website
  • How to create genuine connections with people you meet on Facebook
  • Why using social media websites like “Pinterest” makes you more interesting 
  • How to turbo-charge your blog for peak performance
  • Why using video creates better connection with your audience  

If you have ever coached with me, you know first hand… how much we pride ourselves on top notch customer service, getting the job done, and getting results now for our clients. You don’t want to miss out on this class.
It’s okay to forward this email to your friends, especially those that are currently blogging, or have business website and ready to see profits pour in. Learning how to connect, and knowing which exact tools I use .. will help you.
I can teach you how to create long lasting connections, and multiple profit streams even if you don’t have your own products and services to offer!
I am so excited and really looking forward to pouring my heart and soul  into the next 12 students that are selected to attend our first Connection Marketing University course. 

Class Size Will Be Limited to 12 Students—Enroll at:


With Love,


Psst… Spring time is here, if you are doing a little spring cleaning in your business and considering getting a new Business Website with all the bells and whistles.. or simply rebranding a site that you currently have.. contact us. We have a few spring specials running for you to help you save loads of money and get the edge in your business as an exclusive member of our Connectors Edge Community. 

Have questions? Contact our team here: Http://syewells.com/contact-me

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Sye Wells, the Syber Sye-chologist - "A master trainer who is formally educated in human psychology, and innately equipped in Syber Sye-chology. Her specialty is in teaching coaches, speakers and authors how to build their cyber presence to make more money, reach more clients and sell more products. Because she understands behavior patterns and mental processes of those who are buying online, she’s able to create a customized combination of persuasive techniques that reach the core buying desires of potential customers, irresistibly causing them to make a purchase. This inevitably instills a sense of confidence and well being in her clients, often leaving them breathing a Sye of Relief because they know their golden egg is safe and secure in her hands." Read More: http://SyeWells.com/About