Does your blog resemble a quiet graveyard or a jumping cocktail party?

Have you checked your blog feed analytics recently?

Want to increase your traffic, and get real ‘sticky’ .. so that you see a chart that goes up and to the right?

Succeeding in having your blog indexed quickly and ranked highly in search engines such as Google is quite simple but it will take some work on your part.

In this article today, I will share with you 5 tips to follow to finally get your blog easily found by the major search engines like: Google, Bing, MSN, and Yahoo.

Blogs already have a head start by being structurally SEO-friendly, but to speed things up try these quick, but killer methods on for size:

1. Post and Ping. Assuming you already writing properly keyworded posts or articles, publisher content, then use a website or software app, like Onlywire that notifies or “pings” dozens or hundreds of search engines about the existence of that new posting.

The search engines will spider the page to verify new content on their next scheduled cycle, which will translate into faster indexing of the blog by most of them.

2. Press release. Write up a short “newsy” type format of article that mentions your blog, including the target keywords. Then submit the item to a number of paid or free online press release and news services.

A little known rule about search engines is their tendency to rank a “news” story above other types of content on the web. This gets your blog link recognized by the engines a lot faster than regular SEO methods.

3. Authority back links. Getting your blog linked to from well-respected sites in your niche, that are already themselves highly ranked in the search engines, wi’ll automatically expedite the timeframe in which your site will be in turn recognized by Google, Bing, and the rest. Learn what you can about how to get those back links, then rinse and repeat.

Note: Having a tribe of committed internet networkers and marketers that are willing to share your links and content… is a tried and tested strategy that is working right now for me on this blog right here.

4. RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Syndicate your blog by getting it listed with RSS directories like Octotofinder or Feedadage. Such directories will track your new post that comment and index your site, which will in turn contribute to faster indexing by the search engines.

5. Submit, Comment, Submit. Whatever high ranking type of site you can find that relates to your blog topic or keywords, submit your blog link.

One of the best ways to do this is to leave comments (be sure to have your Gravatar set up, and leave real thought out feedback on each blog that you comment on)

Then Submit Again! From site evaluation and stats sites, to blog communities, article directories, social media sites, or hub sites like Squiddoo or hubpages, the more back links you get, the more Google will know you.

So what are your thoughts? What types of SEO strategies are you utilizing right now? What results are you receiving?

Please be sure to comment below and share your thoughts with the community. Have you already implemented any of the Top 5 Killer SEO strategies? If so, what has it done for you?

I look forward to reading your thoughts below. And please be sure to share this information with your blogging friends on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media sites by clicking the share buttons below.

I look forward to sharing with you again very soon 😉

To Your Continued Blogging Success,

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